February 25, 2015

Current Watch List:

  • Drago vs. Aero Star (Lucha Underground)
  • Prince Puma vs. Cage (Lucha Underground)
  • Pentagon Jr. vs. Vinny Massaro (Lucha Underground)
  • Johnny Mundo vs. King Cuerno (Lucha Underground)
  • Hideo Itami vs. Bull Dempsey (WWE NXT)
  • The Lucha Dragons vs. Jason Jordan and Tye Dillinger (WWE NXT)
  • Finn Balor vs. Brian Kendrick (WWE NXT)

Matches Watched:

Drago vs. Aero Star
Lucha Underground

Okay.  The usual insane flying from Aero Star.  What makes Aero Star so good is that he does all of this great, unique flying without over thinking stuff.  No need to do a bunch of twists on a dive when you can do a great straight tope.  No need to do a 180 splash on a spring board when you get so much height on your regular springboard splash.  Drago didn’t look to great but didn’t hurt the match in any noticeable way.


Prince Puma vs. Cage
Lucha Underground

Best match of the show I thought.  Cage had his usual mix of fun power spots, dumb power spots, and some sloppiness.  For a guy that has worked California indies most of his career and had had much contact with luchadores and American imitators, he sure struggled taking a couple of basic hurricanranas in this match.  The move of the match and one of the prettiest moves of all 2015 was Puma’s springboard shooting star press to the outside.  The height he got on that thing was unbelievable.  Mistico had an excellent springboard shooting star during the 02/10 trios title change match, but this one was even better.  Maybe the best I’ve seen that move performed.  I thought the finish with Konan throwing in the towel was well done and logical.  Konan just got beat half to death by Cage so naturally he would have a quick trigger finger to avoid the same thing happening to his charge, Puma.  Above average.


Pentagon Jr. vs. Vinny Massaro
Lucha Underground

Short match like all of Pentagon’s recent LU matches.  Until Vinny Massaro was announced for the upcoming King of Indies tournament, I had no idea he was still wrestling.  Massaro is far enough that Pentagon’s pile driver finisher and the table shot looked extra nasty.  Arm breaking looked good as usual between the quick camera switch and Massaro’s selling.  I love how Pentagon puts the arm he isn’t breaking in a hammer lock.  Its a nice little touch that adds to what is a signature “move” for Pentagon.

Johnny Mundo vs. King Cuerno
Lucha Underground

Pretty good match with a good ending and post-match brawl.  I was a big fan of how they got to the double count out finish.  Cuerno has an excellent tope.  It looks like it hurts and as importantly to this ending, it looks like it takes a lot out of Cuerno (probably because it actually does).  So three arrow topes was a totally believable lead-in to both wrestlers not being able to answer the 10-count.  If there was any concern that the non-finish would come off flat as the ending to the show, they hedged their bets by booking a several minute brawl that went all around the arena.  They took a non-finish to the main event and got a hot ending out of it which is not always easy.  Good stuff for the entire match/post-match package, but I think Puma vs. Cage was the slightly stronger match.

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