February 17, 2015

Current Watch List:

  • Guerrero Maya Jr. vs. Virus in a lightning match (CMLL)
  • Danny Boy Collins vs. Dean Allmark (ASW)
  • Bobby Zavala, Gran Guerrero & Ultimo Guerrero vs. Dragon Rojo Jr., Stuka Jr. & Volador Jr. (CMLL)
  • Ángel de Oro, Dragon Lee, Titán vs Bárbaro Cavernario, Felino, Negro Casas (CMLL)

Matches Watched:

Guerrero Maya Jr. vs. Virus
Lightning Match

 Probably my favorite 2015 lightning match so far and there has been a decent amount of competition between matches like Kamatiachi/Dragon Lee & Stuka/Hechicero    This is a Virus match in every sense which means its chalk full of smooth, free flowing lucha mat work.  Maya has historically worked well with Virus (not that is hard to work well with Virus) and this was no exception.  The first 6 minutes were basically a great start to a 3 fall match with an two minute ending put on top.  Not a complaint necessarily – that’s just the limitations of lightning matches.  It is easier to put on a watchable lightning match than it is a full (2/3 falls) singles match in CMLL but the ceiling is also lower.  I’ll take as many good 8-minute matches as I can get.  This was near as good as it gets for a lightning match.

Danny Boy Collins vs. Dean Allmark

An above average match and the best from ASW in 2015.  It would be a stretch to call this a World of Sport-style match because it wasn’t for a variety of reasons.  It did however have some WOS inspired stuff with the opening mat work, particularly from Collins who came up working that style.  Certainly more WOS in spirit than some modern matches that get tagged with that label.  First five minutes were a lot of fun and the ending was pretty good.  The rest was just okay as they worked more of an Allmark type match (rope running, heavy heel/face stuff) in the middle.  I had in my head that Collins was over the hill in M-Pro in 1996.  However, he was 19 in 1984 when he debut with WOS which made him only 31 in 1996 and still “only” 49 right now.  He looked good enough that I hope he has some more ASW matches that Allmark posts on YouTube this year.  I watched this right after a 1984 title match of his versus Jim Breaks.  Obviously this match very much paled in comparison to that one, but some of that talent from a rookie Collins still occassionally shined through here.  Fun watch.

Ángel de Oro, Dragon Lee, Titán vs Bárbaro Cavernario, Felino, Negro Casas

Average match but at 10-12 minutes of action, I’ll take that every time out.  Casas looked excellent wrestling Angel de Oro at the start.  That opening segment with smooth and easy mat work was probably the highlight of the match but its not like it fell off a cliff afterwards.  Canvernario was good which is also not a surprise.  Match just breezed by and that’s really all I want out of these TV trios.

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