February 10, 2015

Current Watch List:

  • Volador Jr., Angel de Oro & Dragon Rojo vs. Ultimo Guerrero, Polvora & Hechicero (CMLL)
  • Triton vs. Lucifero in a lightning match (CMLL)
  • Sin Cara vs. Cesaro (WWE)
  • Valiente vs. Felino (CMLL)
  • Stuka, Delta & Guerrero Maya Jr. vs. Puma, Tiger & Virus (CMLL)

Matches Watched:

Triton vs. Lucifero
Lightning Match

Another solid 2015 lightning match to add to the list.  Triton’s two dives – a tope and a moonsault – were the standout moves of the match.  I believe this was the former Hombre Sin Nombre’s first match with a name.  Lucifero is not a bad name and it fits in with Mephisto and Ephesto.  I was sort of hoping that after the long drawn out search for a name, they’d just just starting calling him Hombre con Nombre and act like it was a bit deal.  Regardless of his name, Lucifero/Hooligan is solid in the ring and provided a good base for Triton.  At 8 minutes long, the match was right in that sweet spot length wise and just breezed by.

Volador Jr., Angel de Oro & Dragon Rojo vs. Ultimo Guerrero, Polvora & Hechicero

An odd match up given that none of these six are really feuding or are regular teammates.  Ultimo Guerrero continued his super motivated streak by busting out a reckless dive into the crowd onto Volador Jr. He also looked good working the mat against Angel de Oro in the first fall and taking a rana from Volador in the third.  Volador and Hechicero also had a fun segment in the first fall, which was the best of the three falls.  A Volador/Hechicero singles match (while not likely to occur any time soon) could be fun.  2nd fall was short and fine.  3rd fall was just heating up when UG got disqualified for running into Tirantes.  It did look accidental by Tirantes likey didn’t care either way.  Average match overall in the sense that nothing really stood out but they worked a quick pace and there was some good stuff in there.  Worth watching if you have the time but no need to go out of your way to see this one.

Sin Cara vs. Cesaro

A good match, but I don’t exactly buy the “MOTYC if on PPV” statement I’ve seen.  Didn’t see what was so superlative about the work.  Everything was solid but there was only a few minute stretch where I thought the work was higher level.  Otherwise, it was the sort of basic but not eye popping stuff that I’d expect from veterans like Cesaro and Sin Cara anytime they get 15+ minutes to fill.  Felt like a normal WWE mid card match to me that was given far more time than normal.  As far as C-show matches go, this was one of the better WWE C-show matches in recent memory but there is not a ton of competition in that regard.  Far from the top tier WWE (or WCW) C-show matches of all time.

Valiente vs. Felino

Not very good.  Felino did very little which sadly is par for the course for him today.  When Valiente got the chance, he added his usual value (great fat guy flying) but Felino just wasn’t interesting in doing much.  Poor ending tacked onto what was already a dull match.

Stuka, Delta & Guerrero Maya Jr. vs. Puma, Tiger & Virus

Good, but maybe not as good as I would have thought with six .  There was nothing all that memorable but it was easy to watch with enough itneresting stuff to gran your attention for 15 minutes.  Sort of the typical “good, not great” CMLL TV trios in that regard.

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