(01/05) Dragoncito De Oro vs. Mini Multifacetico vs. Voladorcito vs. Mini Super Pinocho vs. Mini Cobra vs. Bracito De Plata vs. Piratita Morgan vs. Oficialito AK47 vs. Rockerito vs. Mini Rock Spirit

Arena Naucalpan (Naucalpan, Mexico)
Steel Cage Match – Last to escape loses hair or mask

Ten minis battle it out in a cage for the right to keep their mask or hair.  This match had a ten-minute opening period before any escapes could be made.  Escape the cage matches can get bogged down with too many wrestlers in one ring and not enough maneuvering room, not unlike the main problem with traditional battle royals.  It helps when there are minis in the ring because – in all serious – their stature keeps the ring from getting too crowded.  Ten minis can still pull off normal moves in this kind of match, which helps.

After the ten-minute time limit expired, Dragoncitio de Oro was the first out of the cage saving his mask in the process.  Rockerito and Mini Super Pinochio were the next two out, which evened out the tecnico/rudo balance that was leaning heavily towards the tecnicos at the start.  The match came down to Oficialito AK47, Mini Multifaceto, and Mini Rock Spirit.  Is always a safe bet to bet against a wrestler dropping his mask in a large, throw-away escape the cage match mask and hair match.  Sure enough AK47 escaped to save his mask and after a decent one-on-one stretch run, Mini Multifaceto made his escape as well, leaving Rock Spirit to get his head shaven.

With the ten-minute opening period, the match went a little (30+ minutes).  It probably would have functioned better as a 20-minute bout with a 5-minute opening period.  The action wasn’t bad even if it did get a little boring at times.  I know TNA has run matches with somewhat similar rules before (ie. loser losses something), but I am not sure why WWE has never borrowed this match concept from Lucha.  There are worse ways to get 6-8 guys onto a WrestleMania than a mask vs. hair cage match.


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