(01/25) Dean Allmark & James Mason vs. Dave Mastiff & Doug Williams

All-Star Wrestling
The Hexagon (Reading, Berkshire, England)

The first ASW match of the year to show up online is this tag team match pitting perennial baby faces Allmark and Mason versus the veteran Doug Williams and Dave Mastiff. I could really watch these ASW matches all day long. I love the theatre settings and the increased interaction directly with the crowd that comes with it. Allmark and the other ASW regulars really have the basics of controlling a crowd and weaving a simple match around it down to a science.

This match is a good example of how basic the matches can get, but how even with the simplest of formulas they are still really fun. Allmark and Mason spend 90% of the match selling and/or leading the crowd in chants. When they aren’t, they are pulling out some good basic moves as part of their comebacks. The heels, Mastiff and Williams, might not have done anything other than choke their opponents (usually around the ropes) and jaw with the crowd. The lack of moves doesn’t matter – it all gets the desired reaction from the fans that are all too happy to play along.

Admittedly, if all ASW matches were this simplistic it would become stale rather soon, but then again that is true for most styles. That doesn’t matter because they do a great job varying match types and styles, all of which are usually pulled off extremely well – this basic tag team match included.

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