(01/13) Daniel Bryan & Bray Wyatt vs. the Usos

Dunkin’ Doughnuts Center (Providence, RI)
Steel Cage Match

Wow – what an ending!

As of this writing, nobody knows for sure whether this angle on this show was the planned endgame for the Daniel Bryan in the Wyatt Family angle, if the angle got pushed up a few weeks, or if it was a complete audible on the WWE’s part after seeing that it was not quite working. It is irrelevant because based on the live crowd reaction and the reaction online the WWE pulled the trigger (and the right trigger at that) at just the right time.

The match itself was fine, but will be forgotten ultimately in favor of the post-match angle. The Usos deliver time in and time out. Being put in the main event of RAW in a cage match did nothing to alter the quality of their steady performances. It was nice to the team come away with a big win. A tag title run should be coming in their future (hopefully soon).

The Providence crowd – like the Baltimore crowd the week before – wanted to cheer Bryan and because they couldn’t, they just didn’t react to him at all. The moment that Bryan resisted the Sister Abigail by lightly pushing Bray Wyatt away, the people reacted as if Bryan had just dropped Bray with his finisher. That one act of defiance – that one reason to cheer Bryan – was so welcomed. The segment built perfectly from there and some credit is due to Bray. The way he reacted to such a small slight from one of his followers with so indignation was so befitting of his cult leader character. Bray attacking Bryan and Bryan fighting back was a great next step and of course, the arena came unglued with Bryan led them in a slow-building “YES!” chant.

Where Bryan goes from here remains to be seen, but the image of him leading those chants first in the cage and later from atop it should be the defining moment on his rise to permanent main eventer. If nothing else, this early-January moment will likely go down as one of the best moments in pro wrestling in 2014 when the year is done with.

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