Cross Arm Breaker Match Guide: 2015 G-1 Climax Special Edition

August G-1 Cover

This special edition Match Guide examines the 2015 New Japan Pro Wrestling G-1 Climax tournament wrestler-by-wrestler, match-by-match.  The guide includes match by match analysis of all twenty wrestlers in the field for 180+ write ups in total!  The guide was written in real time as the 25th edition of the G-1 Climax unfolded.  Included inside:

  • The benefits (and drawbacks) of Toru Yano’s comedy act in a tournament environment;
  • Michael Elgin:  improved wrestler or a beneficiary of the environment?;
  • A.J. Styles might be the best wrestler in the world currently but did he the best output in the G-1?;
  • A look at Tetsuya Naito, his new (borrowed) gimmick, and what he did to make a difficult gimmick work for him;
  • Two very different attempts at creating a sense of of resiliency, struggle, and drama as displayed by Ibushi/Shibata and Tanahashi/Nakamura;
  • And much more including Tomoaki Honma’s balancing act, Yuji Nagata’s (worked) injury) Shinsuke Nakamura’s (real) injury, and the ineptitude of Togi Makabe.

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