(01/20) Cody Rhodes, Goldust & Big E. Langston vs. the Shield

Nutter Center (Dayton, Ohio)

Cody Rhodes has always been an underrated high-flyer. He has a gorgeous moonsault, the disaster kick is a neat signature move, and his roll-up out of the corner is always pulled over smoothly. He has always been a deceptively impressive flyer, but now that he is pulling out TAKA-like running, springboard dives to the outside it might be time to just call him a good high-flyer without any qualifications.

Of course, with his 44 year old brother hitting cannonball dives, hurricanranas, and Code Reds part of his normal match routine, I suppose he had to do something to keep up.

Five of the six guaranteed good match wrestlers the WWE has were in this match (and Big. E is no slouch) so this was guaranteed to be at least watchable. These six probably have a good, multi-commercial break television six-man in them, but this was a perfectly good sprint. The Shield are always great in fast-moving matches and since Dustin and Cody are wrestling the 1990’s New Japan juniors these days, this match style suits them as well. Cody’s dive, Goldust’s cannonball off the apron, and the best Superman punch that Roman Reigns has thrown so far were the highlights.

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