(01/13) CM Punk and the New Age Outlaws vs. the Shield

Dunkin’ Doughnuts Center (Providence, RI)

For a moment last week while attending RAW or watching Smackdown, I did wonder why the New Age Outlaws – Triple H’s on-screen buddies – were now paling around with Triple H’s on-screen adversary in CM Punk. Like I am sure most others who had that thought did, I figured the NAO were only around for a week so the WWE – as they sometimes do – just overlooked an insignificant gap in internal logic. Even when the NAO were back on RAW this week and once again teaming with Punk, it never occurred to me that they were actually going somewhere with this.

The Outlaws turned on Punk late in this match, refusing to accept his hot tag and leaving him alone to fend for himself against the Shield. It was the good kind of swerve – the one that people don’t generally see coming but makes perfect sense. It is also a nice touch having the NAO getting a tag team championship match versus The Brotherhood on Smackdown, with the unsaid implication that Triple H awarded it to them for playing Punk.

The highlight was Roman Reigns pulling out a great-looking running/leaping dropkick on the apron outside the ring. The kick looked really good and while it is probably not something Reigns should be pulling out every match, it’s nice to see him come out with a killer piece of offense. The “here we go” reaction from the crowd when Reigns tagged in also provided additional proof that the fans are buying into his push early on.

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