(09/21/1984) Cien Caras vs. Canek (CMLL)

Cien Caras vs. canek
uwa heavyweight

Year: 1984
Type: Title Match Style
Other: n/a


Cien Caras and Canek wrestle for the UWA Heavyweight championship in what was the featured title match from EMLL’s 51st Anniversary show. The match is very long, clocking in at just under 30:00 minutes of total match time not including time in between falls. The first fall is the highlight fall with tenacious arm work by Cien Caras creating an interesting and entertaining story. The match is wrestled very much in a 70’s “working holds” style and once that arm story fades, the match is never quite as compelling as it was while that story was going on. To their credit, they keep the match from being a snoozer but there are several far superior 1984 title matches to seek out.

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