(01/24) Chris Masters vs. Wavell Starr

Real Canadian Wrestling
Glengarry Community Center (Edmonton, Alberta)
RCW Heavyweight Championship (vacant)

A clipped version of this match is on You Tube. Chris Masters has been talked up the past couple of years, first for turning himself into a good wrestler in the WWE and then continuing to have good matches on the Indies. It could be argued that this as made Masters a tad overrated. He is a perfectly fine wrestler but the fact that he went from pretty bad to good AFTER the WWE halted his big push as possibly colored perceptions. It doesn’t really matter though. Masters is a good wrestler these days and deserving of a higher profile.

The match here is pretty basic. Masters’ selling of the leg was really good early on to the point where it would have been cool to see it stretch throughout the entire match. Wavell is just a guy. Masters teases the Master Lock late in the match, before finally hooking it. This allows Wavell to sell the move by running in place and flailing is arms like a little kid that really has to pee, which was easily his highlight of the match. He gave up about two seconds later.

This match would not be out of place on Main Event but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is a match worth tracking down unless you are looking for a quick Chris Masters fix.

House Show Match | Skippable | Individual Performance (Masters)

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