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(01/06) Cliff Compton (c) vs. Josephus Brody

NWA Southern All-Star Wrestling
SAW Mill Arena (Millersville, TN)
NWA Southern Heavyweight Championship

Cliff Compton – the former Domino of WWE Deuce & Domino fame – enters as the reigning and defending NWA Southern Heavyweight Champion. Brody – as the name would suggest – works a Bruiser Brody tribute gimmick. Compton is a good heel, which he demonstrated on a larger stage last year during his run as part of SCUM in Ring of Honor (and seems to be heading back to Ring of Honor shortly to work with Kevin Steen). He’s good here as well, stooging when appropriate and doing a fine job as the champion heel.

For a title switch, this is a really short match (under ten minutes). The finish sees Compton leap off the top rope, stumbling as he does so. To catch his balance he grabs at the ceiling ripping a tile off in the process. As part of the planned spot, he lands right in Brody’s open hand and gets planted by a choke slam for the victory. The tile ripping top rope leap proves to be a moment of serendipity – it adds some chaos and grittiness to a finish that otherwise seems like it would have felt flat.

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