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2015 G-1 Climax: Special Edition Match Guide (Introduction)

We are going to release a special 2015 G-1 Climax Match Guide  at the conclusion of this year’s tournament.  The format will be a wrestler by wrestler look rather than match by match format.  We will look at the matches and the booking in the context of each individual wrestler, rather than looking at the wrestler and booking in the context of each individual match.

Below is the pre-tournament outlook for each wrestler that will be the starting point for each wrestler’s section in the forthcoming Match Guide.  We are putting this up now because I make some predictions and throw out some possible scenarios.  To the extent those come true – or more likely, don’t come true – I figured I would lock them in before the tournament begins.  The rest will be released with the special edition Match Guide immediately after the conclusion of the G-1. Continue reading