(01/19) Caleb Konley vs. Luke Gallows

Pro Wrestling Xperience
Ziggy’s (Winston-Salem, NC)

Luke Gallows has the stigma of failure attached to him after washing out of the WWE and having a forgettable role as a member of the ill-fated Aces and Eights in TNA. It is easy to view him as a big guy with little talent who couldn’t stick in the two biggest US promotions, but that is far from reality. Gallows is one of the more underrated wrestlers in the US and certainly one of the best big-man freelancers in the country.

Take this match versus the often bland and rarely great Caleb Konley. Gallows comes out intensely and feeds Konley’s fired up initial attacks well. He takes over with a variety of very nice looking power offense and strikes. The match spills to the outside where Gallows continues to take Konley’s comebacks in a convincing fashion while delivering a beating with chairs and anything else he can find. The brawl section of the match takes up most of the body, but is a nice, non-overdone brawl through the bar area of the venue where Konley comes out looking like a tough, never-day-die, ass-kicker. A lot of that credit is due to Gallows.

Back in the ring, Gallows shows good agility for a man his size as Konley gets him with a victory roll for the pin. Gallows will be a semi-regular in New Japan for the time being as ½ of the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions, but hopefully we get more of him in the US indie scene this year as well. He is a good-working big man in a scene practically void of them.

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