(01/04) Bollywood Boyz vs. Amerikan Guns

Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling
Russian Community Centre (Vancouver, British Columbia)

The Bollywood Boys are a great southern-style baby face tag team that wrestles – so it seems – exclusively in ECCW in British Columbia, Canada.  Go figure that one of the better under the radar American southern-style baby face tag teams are a brother duo of Indian descent working exclusively in the Canadian northwest.  A good baby face tag team should have energy, a likeable gimmick, be able to sell their backsides off, and have enough credible offense for comebacks and hope spots.  The Bollywood Boyz have all of that which has helped make them a very over act in their home promotion.

The match here is rather short and is simply a continuation of the Guns/Bollywood feud.  The Guns are a flag waiving, gun carrying American heel tag team – a very good gimmick in Canada or anywhere outside the US for that matter.  They are a perfectly fine team as well, even if the Bollywood Boyz are the stars.  The match starts off with a short brawl before the Bollywood Boyz get their licks in.  The Guns cheat to take over and isolate one of the Bollywood members for the body of the match before the hot tag.  That description can fit any tens-of-thousands of tag team matches over the years but that’s the point – the formula works, especially when competent teams are utilizing it.

The finish is also well-worked in a classical sense.  One of the Guns blindsides a Bollywood member with his own tag team championship belt with the referee occupied elsewhere.  The other Bollywood member grabs the belt just as the official is turning around and gives one of the Guns a taste of his own medicine, drawing the disqualification – a sure sign that this feud must continue.  In this particular case, that appears to be a good thing.


Southern Tag | Watchable | Individual Performance (Bollywood)

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