(01/21) Blue Panther vs. Negro Casas

Arena Mexico (Mexico City, Mexico)

The trios match from the previous week pitting Casas, Tiger & Puma against Blue Panther and his two sons (Black Panther & Cacharro) set up this singles encounter. Casas’ output has been so strong this month (and beyond) that even a good match against an old rival can sort of get lost in the mix. This was a good match, even if is a tick below some of Casas’ better work in January.

Blue Panther’s confused old-man look when the (apparently) rudo referee inexplicably broke up a Panther-applied half crab (and later a chin lock) during the first fall was amusing. Panther looks old and he is moving slower but he pulls off the loveable, confused old-man routine really well. It strikes a nice counterbalance to Negro’s crazy, flippant old-man persona. Panther took the first fall via submission.

Second fall was Casas taking apart Panther’s leg and eventually evening up the match with an STF. Casas was unrelenting in his attack of the leg so the second fall was a pretty fun one.

There is a fun little moment spotlighting the personality differences in the two veteran luchadors during the third fall. Panther is once again bewildered at the ref breaking up a move (a tombstone pile driver this time) for no reason. He wanders around the ring looking confused and angry (as pictured in the accompanying image to this post) as if the concept of a rudo official is completely foreign to him. Casas meanwhile sits on the mat and yells something to someone, almost as if annoyed that he was in the hold that long.

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Other third fall highlights include Casas jumping headfirst into Panther’s boot while going for a flying headbutt and some neat submission holds. The third fall lacks the drama it could have used and never kicks into that next gear for an extended period. When Panther has Casas dead to rights in a submission hold in the middle of the ring, Puma and Tiger run into draw the DQ. Carracho and Black Panther follow behind in short order to save their father. They are clearly going for a 4-Horseman vibe with the Puma, Tiger, Casas, and Felino group. This match felt like a latter day Ric Flair title match from all the cheating right down to the run-in, beat-down finish.

Fine match, but perhaps a tick below the Casas/Titan and Casas/Volador matches from earlier in the month.

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