Barbaro Cavernario & Hechicero vs. Trauma I & Trauma II (Cara Lucha – 01/01/16)

Barbaro Cavernario & Hechicero vs. Trauma I & Trauma II
Cara Lucha
January 1, 2016
Arena San Juan Pantitlan
*** 1/4 

The brothers Trauma just might be the best tag team in the world at the moment and this match is another feather in their caps.

The match is not very long – clocking in at less than nine minutes – and is indicative of the type of interesting and easy to watch tags matches that the brothers wrestled throughout 2015 (particularly later in the year). Trauma II is generally better than this brother and certainly was in this New Year’s Day match. II engaged Hechicero in chain and counter hold wrestling to start things off. One of the Traumas’ strengths as a team is the ability to mesh fluid lucha mat wrestling with a sense of physical violence. The mat work between Trauma II and Hechicero was physical and tight but never rough looking.

That was the story of this entire match, really. The Traumas as usual turned up the physicality as the match went on, pairing pulsating slaps with hard bumps. All four guys worked rather physical whether it was Hechicero grinding on a headlock or Trauma II punctuating a comeback with a sturdy lariat and brutal corner seated drop kick.

The match packs a little bit of everything into its short run time with brawling in and out of the ring, mat work, and double teams. Hechicero and Cavnerario win the award for best double team by perfectly executing a team move where Canverario caught one of the Traumas with a kick to the face as he flung into the air courtesy of Hechicero’s always-cool reverse monkey flip.

Overall the match was a really solid and compact semi-main, which has sort of become the Traumas’ sweet spot. They lack the top level MOTYC-types that really get an act notice, but they churn out these quality ten minuters on a regular basis these days (particularly since they started receiving Sunday bookings at Arena Mexico).

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