(02/02) Atlantis, Delta & Guerrero Maya Jr. vs. Negro Casas, Puma & Tiger

Arena Coliseo (Mexico City, Mexico)

The prior Sunday (1/26), Negro Casas fouled Atlantis, stole a pin on him, took off his mask, and proceeded to beat Atlantis up while wearing his mask. It goes without saying that the focus going into this week’s re-match was all on whether Atlantis would be able to get his hands on the crafty Casas after last week’s humiliation. Although if you absolutely needed another reason to watch this match, last week’s contest was very good and the added heat to the feud threatened to make this one even better.

Puma and Delta have looked impressive the past two weeks. Both luchadores have had the opportunity to wrestle a lot in the original match and this re-match while their uncle is busy running (and skipping) away from Atlantis. They have not disappointed. In a few short weeks since starting to team regularly with Casas, Puma and Tiger have gone from somewhat of afterthoughts in the Blue Panther & Sons trios match to highlights in this one. They hit their great sling shot double team move to pick up a non-captains pin on Delta in the first fall. That fall was eventually won for their side when Casas made Atlantis submit.

Casas continued his game from last week of only taking on Atlantis when he felt he had the advantage. Casas is equally hilarious running from Atlantis as he is vicious in laying it into him whenever he is able to sneak in a shot or two. Delta & Maya Jr. and Puma & Tiger flashed nice double teams throughout, particularly during the second fall. Maya and Delta also had the dives of the match, hitting a tope con hilo (Maya) and top rope flip dive in succession. Just like last week, Delta & Maya get a measure of revenge for dropping the first fall, by pinning both Puma & Tiger to even the match at one apiece.

Also like last week, the crowd is psyched to see Atlantis finally get his hands on Casas during the third fall. I have high hopes for their singles match – which actually took place the Monday before this trios re-match – and what would appear to be a second singles match sometime on the horizon. CMLL is notorious for not delivering on matches that they are seemingly building towards but given the way the way the two trios and first singles match as gone, a definitive singles win for Atlantis would seem to be in the cards.

Atlantis and Casas do not factor into the finish of the decisive fall this time. Tiger & Puma get the job done on their own. As a result, they lay out a challenge for the Coliseo Tag Team Titles for next week which is currently scheduled for that card. It should be a really fun match. With the rudos winning yet again, it really would appear that Atlantis is going to get his revenge on Casas sooner rather than later.

I thought this was just a tad below the quality of last week’s trios match between these six but still well worth watching. The Atlantis vs. Casas and now Puma/Tiger vs. Delta/Maya Jr. issues are as hot as anything CMLL as going. They did a great job building to those eventual singles and tag matches this week.

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