(01/19) Andrew Everett vs. The Romantic Touch

Ring of Honor
January 19th (Taped January 4th)
Tennessee State Fairgrounds (Nashville, TN)
Top Prospect Tournament – 1st Round

The first of two Andrew Everett matches from the 19th of January is a taped first-round match from Ring of Honor’s 2014 Top Prospect tournament versus The Romantic Touch, who I assume is Rhett Titus under a mask until told otherwise.

The Romantic Touch gimmick is the kind of opening match, harmless fun gimmick that modern day ROH is lacking. In re-watching ROH for the ‘Best of 2000’s Indies’ project, it has become clear how important Special K was to all of the 2002 – 2005 cards. They had a fun gimmick and produced fun – often times very good matches – to boot. Giving an actual push to someone like Romantic Touch low down the cards is a lot more preferable than watching guys like Adam Page, Tadarius Thomas, or whoever wrestling in openers.

Anyway, this is a showcase match for Everett or flips and flies around the ring like usual. Corino mentions on commentary that Everett is only 21 years old but has been wrestling for nine years. The nine years part checks out, although the internet has his age as 24. Regardless he has been wrestling on actual shows since he was 12 to 15 years old, so no wonder he had to wrestle under the Chiva Kid goat-mask. Everett’s experience shows. He is very smooth in all of his flying and has a good grasp of the basics. Not sure if he has put it altogether yet, but the tools are certainly there.

TV Match | Skippable | Individual Performance (Everett)

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