(01/19) Andrew Everett vs. Lodi

Pro Wrestling Xperience
Ziggy’s (Winston-Salem, NC)

If WCW were around today I imagine there is a good chance we would be getting this match on Worldwide. Everett has all of the makings of a wrestler WCW would pick up. He’s from the Carolinas and he is an impressive high-flyer who would be at home in the cruiserweight division. Lodi – now 43 years old – is someone I could see who is either working strictly as enhancement talent at this point or in a late-90’s Bobby Eaton-type role or possibly even as a trainer at the power plant who does the occasional TV job. You don’t have to squint too hard to see rookie cruiserweight Andrew Everett versus barely-hanging on Lodi taking place on a 2014 Worldwide in wonderful alternate universe where WCW is still chugging right along.

The actual match these two work as the opener of the Sunday matinee PWX show also would not seem out of place on Worldwide. The focus is on Everett who gets in most of the offense and is given the most attention by the commentators. Mainly, the commentators focus on Everett’s apparently changing attitude and recent bout of cockiness in foreshadowing an upcoming full-fledged heel turn. The “undercard wrestler turns heel by suddenly develop an arrogant edge” is right out of the WCW playbook. Everett showboats after displays some of his impressive agility to get that particular point across. This leads to Lodi scoring the minor upset, which would seem to be a small part of a bigger plan for Everett.

Since losing the mask, Everett has seemed to have a natural arrogance to him. He feels like a natural heel and it will be interesting to see how it plays out if that is indeed the direction PWX is pushing him in.

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