Updated: 01/07/2015

Daily Match Reviews (2015) 

Currently the main feature on the blog, we have changed up the match review format a bit for 2015.  Rather than doing long form individual match reviews which became extremely difficult to keep up with, we are switching to a daily format.  There will be one post for each day.  If there are matches I plan on watching on those days, they will be listed.  As those matches become available and I watch them, short one to two paragraph match blurbs will go there.  Red indicates a match I haven’t written about yet while Green is the opposite.

The plan is to do a weekly post showing what match reviews were added for the just concluded week so you don’t have to flip back through everything.

The idea of these short blurbs is to provide quick-and-easy initial thoughts on matches.  The current plan is to release longer form reviews on 30 – 40 matches at the end of each month as well as a full index (including some sort of ratings) for every match watched.  Format and other specifics are forthcoming but this an idea I am very much excited about and am hopeful that it will prove useful, so stay tuned!

2014 Match Reviews

When the blog started in 2014, the concept called for long form match reviews that collectively would provide a snapshot of the entire year in wrestling worldwide.  It was a logistical headache for the obvious reasons.  After giving it a nice try, I finally petered out in June (baseball season was the main culprit stealing my time).  However, the reviews I did do still remain on the site for the sake of prosperity.  I also did a few year-end posts that can be found as well.

Best of the 2000’s Indies

This project has been delayed several times because we keep discovering more matches that might be worth coming.  However, it is approaching the finish line.  Be on the lookout for something in Q1/Q2 2015.

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