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(01/10) Negro Casas vs. Volador Jr.

Arena Mexico (Mexico City, Mexico)
2013 Leyenda de Plata Winner vs. 2012 Leyenda de Plata Winner

Over on WWE programming, JBL is constantly reminding viewers – most likely per orders of a screaming Vince McMahon in his earpiece – that so-and-so wrestler is “fun to watch”. He can’t go a show without saying it. There is no wrestler currently who is as fun to watch, however, as Negro Casas. Casas’ enthusiasm in the ring is infectious and one can see why even though he is still technically a rudo, the Arena Mexico fans love him. His joyful skip around the ring after closing this one out is something else.

The match pits the last two (2014 and 2011, respectively) Leyenda de Plata tournament winners versus one another, with Casas emerging victorious two falls to one. The action is what one would expect from these two – Volador drives off the entrance stage and flies around while Casas beats his opponent up inside and out of the ring, before winning with a well time shot to the Volador’s nether regions. Casas is put over strong here – he kicks out of the top rope Canadian Destroyer – even if the finish was somewhat designed to protect Volador. Considering that Casas is currently feuding with what seems to be the entire CMLL roster, keeping him strong is a necessity.

There are few wrestlers in January 2014 that I would rather watch on a weekly basis than Negro Casas.

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