(12/10/2005) Sangre Chicana vs. Shocker (AAA)

Sangre Chicana vs. Shocker

Year: 2005
Type:  Hair vs. Hair
Other: Bloody


A match from Shocker’s one year 2005-2006 run in AAA. This match happened at the latest possible time it could and still hold the possibility of being good as Shocker was on his way out of his early 2000’s spell as a good worker and Chicana was about to turn 55 years old. The match is fun – maybe even good – although in typical AAA fashion there are some overbooking issues. The first two falls avoid that pitfall for the most part but the finish to the third fall is not so lucky. This isn’t a great match, but a fun effort by a pair of luchadores from two entirely different generations.

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