2015 Year End Match Guide



Included in the year-end edition of the Match Guide:

  • New match reviews covering the final 5 months of 2015;
  • A look at the disparity in opinions on Dragon Gate match quality in the context of Masaaki Mochizuki vs. Shingo Takagi November 1st match;
  • A look at the match that has been called the “greatest British pro wrestling match of all time” (Mark Haskins vs. Will Ospreay).
  • Where does Atlantis vs. La Sombra fall in regards to 21st century mask matches?
  • Breaking down the positives and negatives of our top 15 favorite promotions of 2015;
  • A year-end update and re-ranking of our top 15 wrestlers by region (US, Europe, Japan, Mexico) feature from the June Match Guide;
  • Extensive 2015 match recommendation lists by region;
  • And more!


We are offering two versions of this e-book.

1.     ePub 3.0 (iPad optimized, Google Reader, Kindle App on Tablet)

2.      PDF (optimized for PDF readers for desktop, laptop, and tablets)

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