2015 G-1 Climax Special Edition Match Guide

About the Cross Arm Breaker Match Guide:  The ultimate goal of the Match Guide is to provide prospective and analysis from the wide ranging spectrum of matches that are occurring all over the world in 2015. From a small independent promotion such as Cara Lucha in Mexico to the Japanese leader New Japan Pro Wrestling to WXW in Germany, you will find original, analytic content about the best, worst, and everything the in between. We hope that these monthly, longer form pieces will spark debate and discussion and add to the current conversation that is so readily accessible via blogging and social media.

August G-1 Cover

This special edition Match Guide examines the 2015 New Japan Pro Wrestling G-1 Climax tournament wrestler-by-wrestler, match-by-match.  The guide includes match by match analysis of all twenty wrestlers in the field for 180+ write ups in total!  The guide was written in real time as the 25th edition of the G-1 Climax unfolded.  Included inside:

  • The benefits (and drawbacks) of Toru Yano’s comedy act in a tournament environment;
  • Michael Elgin:  improved wrestler or a beneficiary of the environment?;
  • A.J. Styles might be the best wrestler in the world currently but did he the best output in the G-1?;
  • A look at Tetsuya Naito, his new (borrowed) gimmick, and what he did to make a difficult gimmick work for him;
  • Two very different attempts at creating a sense of of resiliency, struggle, and drama as displayed by Ibushi/Shibata and Tanahashi/Nakamura;
  • And much more including Tomoaki Honma’s balancing act, Yuji Nagata’s (worked) injury) Shinsuke Nakamura’s (real) injury, and the ineptitude of Togi Makabe.

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