(11/19/1993) Pirata Morgan vs. El Satanico vs. Jerry Estrada (AAA)

Pirata Morgan vs. El Satanico vs. Jerry Estrada

Year: 1993
Type: n/a


Following their break up the previous week on AAA television, Pirata Morgan and El Satanico meet in a triangle match that also involves the catalyst for their split, Jerry “Puma” Estrada. The rules of lucha triangle matches differ from the rules of a typical three-way match from outside of Mexico. There are three stages. In the first, all three wrestlers are in the ring at the same time. One fall decides this stage. The wrestler that loses the fall “advances” to the third stage. In the second stage, the two remaining wrestlers go one-on-one for one fall. The winner of that stage is out of the match and would be considered the overall winner. The loser of the second stage faces the loser of the first stage in a best two out of three falls match. In other words, the entire thing consists of five falls: a one fall three way, a one fall singles match, and a two out of three falls singles match. This particular match is both entertaining and effective in setting up the next stage of the Morgan/Satanico feud.

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