(10/29/1993) El Hijo del Santo vs. Heavy Metal (AAA)

El Hijo Del Santo vs. Heavy Metal

Year: 1993
Type: Title Match Style
Other: n/a


The third of the four championship matches El Hijo del Santo and Heavy Metal wrestled in 1993. This is the first and only match of the series where the Mexican National Heavyweight title is on the line rather than the WWA World Welterweight championship. Santo and Heavy Metal flirted with MOTYC-caliber matches on a couple of instances – this one included – but never quite had that breakthrough match. This is another strong performance from Santo and Heavy Metal got progressively sharper in the ring with each of the three matches, but there is still something missing from this one. For two wrestlers that were married to one another for three-quarters of the year, they never developed much chemistry. It is a very good match – maybe the best of the series, although many prefer the first match more. Regardless, the match clearly fails to reach that next level.


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  • Wrestling Observer Newsletter (November 15, 1993) – ****

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