(10/15/2010) Negro Casas vs. Charly Manson (CMLL)

Negro Casas vs. CHarly Manson

Year: 2010
Type: Hair vs. Hair
Other: n/a


A unique matchup during Charly Manson’s “blink and you’ll miss it” 2010 stint in CMLL. This seems like a weird match on paper (and it is) but it works out rather well. Manson and Casas wrestle a straight up, technically sound first fall that is a lot of fun if not a bit unexpected. There is a lot of rudo referring from Tirantes, but Tirantes is consistent with his approach and his act serves to stack the deck against Casas which was probably a necessity to get the fans to buy into Manson as a threat to Casas. It seems to payoff as the third fall is both well worked and relatively heated. Casas does not have bad hair matches (Super Parka match notwithstanding). This might be his most impressive & surprising effort.

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