(08/29/1997) La Fiera vs. Bestia Salvaje (CMLL)

LA FIERA VS. Bestia Salvaje

Year: 1997
Type:  Hair vs. Hair
Other: n/a


This battle of the beasts is somewhat of a forgotten match. Given the circumstances – the participants, the year, the spot on the card (second from the top), and the fact that the match was several weeks before the Santo/Casas headlined anniversary show – it is easy to see how this match could be forgotten over time. The match itself is not nearly as nondescript and it is actually quite good. The two veterans know just the right buttons to press. The match is well structured, using the first two falls to build to an intense and hard fought finale. While not a classic by any means, La Fiera and Bestia Salvaje had a quality hair match that is on par or better than some more prolific hair bouts.

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