(08/15/1986) La Fiera vs. Babe Face (CMLL)

La Fiera vs. Babe Face

Year: 1986
Type:  Hair vs. Hair
Other: Bloody


The 5th place finisher on the DVDR 80’s Lucha set poll. La Fiera wrestled this match as if he had a death wish, taking some crazy bumps off the ring apron to the wood floors.  All of the hair match staples are found in this match from brawling and blood to biting and bumps. They are complemented by Fiera’s always unique and entertaining kick-based offense. At the very least, this is a strong hair match that checks all of the boxes and at best – as evidenced by the DVDVR poll – it is one of the best available matches from Mexico in the 1980’s.

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