(07/03/1992) Negro Casas vs. El Dandy (CMLL)

Negro Casas vs. El Dandy
CMLL World Middleweight

Year: 1992
Type:  Title Match Style
Other: Classic


The match has quite the history in terms of it was viewed and received by fans outside of Mexico. The match was praised at the time – Dave Scherer rated the match at **** and apparently Dave Scherer rarely rated lucha matches that highly back then – but in somewhat of a curiosity the match did not receive any votes in the DVDVR 90’s lucha poll. The video quality of the only known copy (possibly Scherer’s copy) was very grainy which likely played some role in the the match flying under the radar after the initial airing. As the story goes, the match was also not traded much from the initial airing up until the mid-2000’s when old lucha libre tapes were transferred to DVD. The match was praised by those that saw it then and again about five years later when it was included on the PWO 1992 Year Book. In recent years, a version of the match with higher video quality surfaced as well. Some combination of all those factors have led to Casas/Dandy being viewed as one of the classic lucha libre singles matches of all time.

This title match is a definite contender for the best lucha match of all time and is among my favorite matches ever. Like any matches that receive that level of acclaim, the work is both high level and varied. This is a match that fans of all styles of wrestling should seek out. The execution is near spotless and the match builds from exquisite opening mat work to a third fall finish filled with high end junior heavyweight style offense. Rarely do two wrestlers as great as Casas and Dandy have a match together that lives up to their individual abilities, but this one certainly does.

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