(06/18/1993) Lizmark vs. Jerry Estrada (AAA)

Lizmark vs. jerry estrada
Mexican National Light Heavyweight

Year: 1993
Type: Title Match Style
Other: n/a


Ohtani’s Jacket has alluded to the notion that Lizmark might be the greatest tecnico of all time but that it is impossible to say for sure when we only have a small portion of his career available. Lizmark’s 1993 alone makes a strong a case for that lofty claim. Opinions on Jerry Estrada run the gambit but he is clearly a limited worker at least offensively (his nutty bumps notwithstanding). Lizmark was ten years Estrada’s senior at the time of this match but you would not have guessed that how this was worked. It is an easy comparison but Lizmark exudes an Atlantis-like humble confidence. He also clearly gets more out of Jerry Estrada than maybe any other wrestler was able to in a singles match. Estrada’s performance is not superlative, but is clearly better than his average output. I think you have to credit that to Lizmark. The slow burn first fall is easily the weakest part of this match, but even then I liked the way they added a little spice with the unique stalemate spots. This is a match that builds really well, with each fall building off the other. It is a really smartly laid out match. Even the finish – which by modern eyes felt abrupt – got an excellent reaction from the live crowd. Even non-Estrada fans will enjoy this.

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