(06/13) Rush & La Mascara (c) vs. Shocker & Negro Casas

Arena Mexico (Mexico City, Mexico)
CMLL World Tag Team Championship

CMLL is a promotion that – despite recognizing many, many different championships – puts very little actual emphasize on those championships.  Of all of those unimportant titles, the World Tag Team Championship might come off as one of the least unimportant.  Shocker and Negro Casas defeat Rush and La Mascara in this match to win the titles, ending 238 day title reign with the belts.  During that time, the duo defended the titles exactly once – versus Tama Tonga & Terrible back in November of 2013.  They “won” the titles when an injured Rey Bucanero was unable to team with partner Tama Tonga in his scheduled title defense versus Rush and La Mascara the previous month.  They never won the titles in the ring, held them for eight months, made on defense, and then dropped them.  That’s the definition of a forgettable title run.

If nothing else, the disagree duo of Rush and La Mascara went out on a high note with a fun tag team match versus Rush’s two biggest rivals.  Rush versus Casas is never not fun.  He’s also brought out the good side of Shocker during their feud this year.  Shocker has looked very good in the ring in 2014 whenever he is there with Rush.  He was not afraid to go toe to toe with Rush here.  His forearms looked great, he bumped big, and his always-strong tope did not disappoint.

Rush and La Mascara – despite not working much as a two-man team this past year – had some fun and simple double team moves including a nice looking suplex.  The first fall was the best fall of the match.  Rush complimented the double teams with his usual strong offense and the champions picked up the first fall.  They dropped the second after La Mascara blatantly pulled Tirantes from the ring when he was making a count on Rush.  The match could have used a more impactful third fall to get over to the hump to “very good” match status, but instead it ended somewhat abruptly with duel submissions ending the reign of La Mascara and Rush.

As uneventful of a tag title reign as it was for those two, it might have been a poor time to end it.  Given that they are straddling the line between rudos and tecnicos, they could have had some fun title defenses against wrestlers from both sides that they are feuding with.  A Rush & La Mascara vs. Titan & Mascara Dorada tag title match would have had a lot of potential.  However, given how CMLL treats these titles, it really won’t end up making any sort of difference.

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