(06/07) El Texano Jr. (c) vs. Psycho Clown

Plaza de Toros la Concordia (Orizaba, Veracruz, Mexico)
AAA World Heavyweight Championship 

AAA booker Konan has spent much of 2014 on his MLW podcast defending that the promotion is heading towards specific endpoints on the key storylines, even if getting there thus far as largely been tedious, unenjoyable, or at times, both.  Psycho Clown and his pursuit of AAA Heavyweight Champion El Texano Jr. stands out as one frustrating example.  Psycho Clown is way over and is easily one of the more popular wrestlers on the AAA roster.  He has been chasing Texano for well over a year now only to be denied title matches or blatantly screwed out of them.  If they have not reached the point already, AAA is getting dangerously close to waiting too long in pulling the trigger on a title switch.  There is a fine line between building heat and waiting too long to give the fans what they want.  In this particular instance, it seems like more than time enough to payoff the past year of screw job booking by giving the fans what they want – Psycho Clown as the champion.

The beginning of this match teases that they might actually do just that.  El Hijo del Tirantes is the assigned official for the match and seeing as how he has screwed over Psycho Clown at every opportunity, we appear to be heading to another screw job.  Instead, Tirantes is removed as official and placed by veteran CMLL referee Rafael el Maya.  The fans go nuts for the announcement, as does Tirantes (although for entirely different reasons).  To Konan and AAA’s credit, it was a nice moment that can only be achieved after screwing over the good guy and building heat on the bad guys for long enough of a period.

The match itself was very enjoyable.  Texano and Psycho Clown are both good workers who have worked a ton versus each other over the past two years so they have their routine down.  It also helps that Psycho is so over and the fans have so much desire to see him finally win the title that they are never at a want for heat.  Both guys end up bloodied which is also a nice addition.  I am not a huge blood guy or anything, but it is used so sparingly in wrestling these days that it is nice to see in the right context every now and again.  There are few better visuals in wrestling than a bloody, mask half-ripped luchador which Psycho sports in the later stages of this match.

The near fall section was strong with both guys getting several believable near falls that the hot crowd totally ate up.  They build the match to the point where it is difficult to see just how Psycho Clown will lose.  He has already survived some of Texano’s signature moves and he has survived interference from El Consejo.  Right before the match’s conclusion, there are few reasons to believe he won’t finally win the big one.

Not so fast.  Just when Psycho Clown appears to have this in the bag, el Maya turns on him, fast counts a three count for Texano, and reveals his allegiance with El Consejo.  Rather than finally providing an already overdue payoff, the match turns out to just be another tease in a long line of teases.  It was a well-executed tease, but a tease nevertheless.

El Texano and Psycho Clown are heading to a hair vs. mask match at TripleMania.  There seems to be two likely outcomes for that match.  Psycho could lose yet again – he can always replace his mask for clown face paint – in order to build more heat to his eventual title win (as if this rivalry is lacking heat on the rudo at this point).  The other likely scenario is a compromise of sorts where Psycho Clown gets his big win by taking Texano’s hair but Texano remains the champion.  Neither is ideal.  The former risks holding off on the payoff until people no longer care about Psycho Clown’s title quest.  The latter robs – or at least delays – the fans of the ultimate payoff which is Psycho winning the title.  As much as I want to believe Konan that he is heading somewhere with all of this, the Psycho Clown/El Texano issue looks like another AAA feud that is going to perpetually twirl in the wind.Diagnostics

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