(06/07) Cibernético, La Parka & Myzteziz vs. Averno, Chessman & el Hijo del Perro Aguayo

Plaza de Toros (La Concordia, Orizaba, Veracruz)

This would be Myzteziz’s (we will just assume that is the correct way to turn his name into a possessive pronoun) big show debut for AAA.

There was not a whole lot at stake here.   Two of the three members of the rudo team (Perro Jr. and Averno) are longtime rivals of Myzteziz from his Mistico days but that is about it.  It speaks volumes on how AAA views Myzteziz that they are willing to headline a major show with a trios match that has little in the way of background and only Myzteziz’s presence has a selling point.

It did seem to work and the crowd was hot for this match.  Another area where AAA has CMLL dead to rights is in the big show entrance department.  For that matter, AAA has a lot of promotions beat in that department.  I dare anyone to watch La Parka enter to Thriller, dance with kids in the isle, and continue his dance in the ring, without breaking into a smile.

As said, the crowd was hot for this one and it was a solid if ultimately forgettable main event.  The fans chose to chant “Mistico” throughout the match which is not a surprise.  At several points when these chants got loud, the announcer would yell “Myzteziz! Myzteziz!”, which was amusing.  That name change is going to struggle to catch on.

Texano Jr. – fresh off his war with Psycho Clown – ran in but was chased off by Psycho Clown.  The failed run-in allowed Myzteziz to hit the La Mistica (still called as such by the announcers) on Chessman for the pin.  One might assume that a pin on the Latin American Heavyweight Champion will earn Myzteziz a title opportunity, but that is not necessarily certain with the way AAA books.

Lucha Trios | Common | Individual Performance (Myzteziz)

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