(06/07) Aerostar, Luxdor & Venom vs. Carta Brava, Jr., El Apache & Super Fly

Plaza de Toros (La Concordia, Orizaba, Veracruz) 

Verano de Escandalo got off to a hot start on the strength of this trios match.

The match provides a strong example of how deep AAA’s roster is, or at least can be if wrestlers are set up for success.  AAA cannot touch CMLL when it comes to sheer volume of wrestlers but the promotion does certainly match or beat them for quality depth.

Of the wrestlers in this match, only Aerostar has recently received anything even resembling a real push but all six can go.  The match was the kind of high-energy multi-man opener that many promotions strive for but rarely hit on.  The flying was sharp and spectacular, without running the risk of overshadowing the matches that followed.  The tecnico team brought the moves and the rudos brought the personality and substance to the match.  It was one of those matches that just breezed by and makes you want to want to move onto the next match as soon as it is over.  A good opener should get you psyched for the rest of the show.  Mission Accomplished.

Lucha Trios | Worthwhile | Quality

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