(06/10/1994) Ciclon Ramirez vs. Javier Cruz (CMLL)

Ciclon Ramirez vs. Javier Cruz

Year: 1994
Type:  Hair vs. Hair
Other RecommendedBloody; High Flying


This match between very good (if not unheralded) luchadores Ciclon Ramirez and Javier Cruz is a quintessential “hair vs. hair” bout. It also features a must-see tope suicida from Ramirez, who made a career out of landing ridiculous physics-defying topes. All of the essential hair match elements are there from blood and brawling to insane dives and a big finish. The match has long had a strong reputation and finished 14th in the DVDVR 90’s lucha poll. It also holds up remarkably well. There are better available hair matches than this one (after all, it was not a heavily promoted match), but not many capture the spirit of a great hair match so thoroughly and effortlessly as this one did.

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