(05/31) Super Shisa & Ryotsu Shimizu vs. K-Ness & Chihiro Tominaga

Dragon Gate
Kobe Sambo Hall (Kobe, Japan) 

Super Shisa tends to get lost in the Dragon Gate shuffle, but he shouldn’t.  Despite being on the tail-end of his career, he continues to be one of the more underrated mat wrestlers anywhere in the world.

The 2 count, 3 escape matches with and against CIMA have been impressive but it is hard to place your finger on how much of that should be credited to CIMA and/or the rules.  In a match where CIMA is not involved and the rules are standard pro wrestling fare, Shisa still impresses.  In a different environment or with more promotion, there is a good chance that many would view Shisa on the same level as other top-flight technical/mat wrestlers.

Shisa’s cohorts for this match include a relative rookie (Shimizu), a relatively inexperienced lower card guy (Tominaga), and fellow veteran K-Ness.  Shimizu and his comically oversized unibrow are very good for their experience level and the other two are capable, but Shisa is the standout.  Shisa blends the signature quickness of the Dragon Gate style with awesome submission attempts and counters.  He is beyond smooth in this match, pulling out all sorts of fun holds at just the right times.  He and CIMA are both great this style even working with guys who are less adept.  It makes me want to see him work some of the better mat guys in Mexico.  Super Shisa versus Virus has quickly shot up my own personal dream match wish list.

Junior Tag | Worthwhile | Quality & Performance (Shisa)

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