(05/28/1993) El Hijo del Santo vs. Heavy Metal (AAA)

El Hijo del Santo vs. Heavy Metal
May 28, 1993
WWA Welterweight
*** 1/2 

This match provided me with a newfound respect for those that put a lot of time and energy into researching pro wrestling results or anything similar on a regular basis. I don’t have a lot to say about this match – it was another good/very good match in a series that had many such matches but no classics – so please allow me to offer up this story on the mystery date for the “fourth” Santo/Metal TV match of 1993 and the perils of trying to a date match.

The background is that most sources have traditionally credited the Santo versus Heavy Metal match from the 12/05 airing of AAA television to an 11/19 TV taping. However, there were reasons to question that – mainly around the ownership of the Welterweight titles – and as it turns out, the match might have been taped six months earlier than previously thought.

Support for the 11/19 taping date:

  • Cagematch, luchablog and the PWO Year Book states that the match was taped 11/19 and aired 12/05.
  • Lynch’s and Fredo’s match lists show an air date of 12/05 with no tape date.
  • AAA taped in Quertaro on 11/19. A Santo versus Heavy Metal title match is in the results (WON – 11/29/1993) for that date.
  • The luchablog database entry for the match links to the YouTube video of the match in question.

What the Match Shows:

  • Heavy Metal comes to the ring for the match wearing two title belts – the WWA and Mexican National middleweight titles.
  • There is a commercial bumper in the video of the match for “AAA in Queretaro”.
  • The match ends with a double pin. No belts are given out before the tape cuts off and there is no indication that the match is anything but a draw.


  • Heavy Metal was not double champion on November 19th. After winning the Mexican National title from Rey Misterio Jr. on 2/26 and the WWA title from Santo on 5/14, he dropped the WWA title back to Santo on 8/13 and the Mexican National to Santo on 10/29. It was Santo – not Heavy Metal – who was double champion on 11/19 yet it is Metal who enters the ring with the belts.

Other oddness:

  • In the results section of the 11/29 WON, a three-way mask match between Rey Misterio Jr., Angel Mortal and Bandido is listed. All other sources list this match as being taped on 5/28.

Support for the 11/19 Santo/Metal match actually being taped on 5/28:

  • All the usual sources list AAA as taping in Queretaro on 5/28.
  • All the usual sources list a Heavy Metal versus Santo match on that 5/28 taping.
  • Bob Barnett does not list an 11/19 Santo versus Heavy Metal match anywhere on one of his match lists (he has the May, August and October matches) but does list a match between the two frequent opponents as airing on 1/9/94 and being taped 5/28/93. If nothing else, that suggests the 5/28 match might have aired on TV.
  • Lucha Libre Weekly (06/09) and the WON mention that the Santo versus Heavy Metal match from 5/28 ended in a draw.
  • luchablog indicates that the 3-way mask match aired on AAA television on 12/05, despite being taped on 5/28.


  • AAA aired matches that were taped in Queretaro on both 5/28 and 11/19 on the 12/05 television show as part of a “AAA in Queretaro” special (since they mainly taped at Gimnasio Juan de Barrera in 1993). Meltzer erroneously received and printed that week’s TV results as the taping results, which is why the 3-way mask match from 5/28 was listed under the 11/19 results. The Santo/Heavy Metal match that aired on Galavision on 12/05 was the one taped on 5/28 as evidenced by Metal possessing both titles and the double draw finish that Steve Sims reported on after the May taping. The 11/19 Santo and Heavy Metal match presumably never aired.

“Mystery” solved! (Maybe . . .)

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