(05/25) The Colony vs. The Colony: Xtreme Force

Palmer Center (Easton, Pennsylvania)

The backstory to this one is pure, unadulterated Chikara.

Former Director of Fun (authority figure) Wink Vavasseur introduced The Colony: Xtreme Force in early 2013 as a marketing ploy to capitalize on the vast popularity of the original Colony.  Wink did what any good marketing man would – he took a good idea and brought it to the extreme.  This new colony consisted of a snowboarding ant (Artic Rescue Ant), an astronaut ant (Orbit Adventure Ant), and a deadly weapon-wielding ant (Missile Assault Ant).  Sure beats plain old fire and green ants.  To lend the group an air of legitimacy and further dilute the original Colony, Wink moved Soldier Ant to the Xtreme group and gave the original Colony the rudo assailAnt (formally of Colony foes The Swarm) as a replacement.

Solider Ant chose against assimilating into the new group, deciding to simply leave Chikara instead.  assailAnt was more willing to conform to his new surroundings and partners.  At National Pro Wrestling Day in February, assailAnt officially won over his new partners by refusing to side with his old friends in the Swarm in an attack on the Chikara wrestlers.  To reward his good faith, Green Ant presented assailAnt with the gear of retired Colony member Worker Ant.  assailAnt now wrestles as the new Worker Ant.

Despite being natural foes from the start, this match marks the first time the two groups have met in trios competition.

The match was a well-executed extension of that build and backstory.  The members of the Xtreme Force made sure to spend plenty of time getting their personas over and shouting their names to the crowd since after all, their entire existence is one mass marketing campaign.  The original Colony came out strong with their usual assortment of fun – and not overblown – double and triple team moves.  After Worker Ant and Artic Rescue Ant had some trouble on the first move of the match – an admittedly higher difficulty lucha arm drag – the rest of the way was completely smooth.

Both sides have some nice team moves.  There were several variations of launch-type moves where one or two team members threw another team member onto their opponents.  The Xtreme Force pulled out the old – and always effective – Kaientai triple team show boat where a pair of teammates forces an opponent to bend over at the waist while the third team member climbs on his back for a nice team pose.  This variation saw Artic Rescue Ant make like Worker Ant was his snowboard with a snowboarding-esque pose.

The Xtreme  Force picks up the victory indicating that the feud will continue which was to be expected given that it is still a relatively new deal.  The Colony might another problem to worry about, however, as the absent Solider Ant unexpectedly returned at the end of this show alongside Delirious and seemingly aligned with Jimmy Jacobs’ big group of bad guys.  The Colony are Chikara’s defining act and it looks like they will be heavily featured this “season” with all sorts of evil ant adversaries to deal with.

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