(05/14/1993) El Hijo del Santo vs. Heavy Metal (AAA)

El Hijo Del Santo vs. Heavy Metal
Mexican National Welterweight

Year: 1993
Type:  Title Match Style
Other: n/a


The first of a series of National Welterweight title matches between El Hijo del Santo and Heavy Metal. One of those matches where it is plain to see that one wrestler is in a completely different class than the other. Heavy Metal did not actively detract from the match for the most part but at best he was a warm body and several times his inexperience would have caused the match to grind to a halt, if not for Santo’s quick saves. The difference between the two is most evident on the mat where Santo is as smooth as ever while Heavy Metal struggles to both string multiple holds together and take advantage of the opening’s Santo leaves him. The match is a great look at Santo working with an inferior worker during his prime years. He manages an above average match to very good match with Heavy Metal providing very little in the way or actual value. It would have be neat if we had Heavy Metal versus Lizmark, Villano III, Eddie Guerrero, Octagon and others during this time to see how Santo’s ability to work with Metal stands up.

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