(05/12) Atlantis, Mascara Dorada & Titan vs. Euforia, Niebla Roja & Terrible

Arena Coliseo (Mexico City, Mexico) 

The semi-final of Sunday’s Arena Coliseo show looked very promising on paper.  Titan and Mascara Dorada are two of the more enjoyable luchadores in CMLL currently, Atlantis is Atlantis, and the rudo side is more than capable to holding up their end.  In execution, the match was just okay as it was more of a setup for what appears to be a Roja/Titan feud.  Roja completely unmasked Titan whose face was exposed for quite a while but the camera remained pulled back.  That caused a DQ and gave the match to the tecnicos, but Roja appeared completely non-pulsed by the loss.  Rather than sulking, he chose instead to stick Titan’s mask into his tights and gyrate in a suggestive manner.  Everyone as their own way to deal with a loss, I guess . . .

I am writing about this match not to talk about Niebla Roja’s sexually deviant taunts, but what might have been my favorite move of 2014 thus far.  At one point during the match, Mascara Dorada bounded off the ropes in preparation for a dive.  Instead of the usual head/arms-first leap, Dorada hoped over the top rope as if a kid hoping a fence and then pulled off a picture perfect hurricanrana on the floor.  See if below in complete GIF glory courtesy of TheCubsFan:


dorada dive

Someone with more extensive lucha knowledge than me might be able to say whether or not that was ever done before, but I sure haven’t seen it.  Not only that, the entire move was pulled off about as smoothly and perfectly as it could be imagined.  Dorada is a high-flying maestro as moves like this proove.  Hopefully he gets more of a chance to shine in the upcoming BOSJ tournament than he did on his just-concluded tour of New Japan.

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