(05/10) Drew Gulak (c) vs. Biff Busick

Flyers Skate Zone (Voorhees, New Jersey)
CZW World Heavyweight Championship 

These two have had a few matches versus one another that have been well received in some circles, including matches for 2013 National Pro Wrestling Day, Chikara, and EVOLVE.  They have all been okay but nothing that I would go out of my way to see.  Their match for the CZW World Championship is more of the same.

There are always guys in wrestling who get a fair amount of bookings and receive some press despite not having any real “plus” attributes.  I think Biff Busick – at least at this stage in his career – is one of those guys.  I cannot conjure up one thing that he does better than average or one attribute that really makes him standout.  Yet somehow he has a pretty decent profile on the indies.  There is nothing overly wrong about being that average guy that gets consistent work (BJ Whitmer is doing just fine) – that just is what Busick is right now.

As such this match is largely forgettable.  Gulak has a much more noticeable upside.  He is competent on the mat and it is not difficult to see his potential for growth if he had the opportunity to face higher caliber opponents on a regular basis.

Gulak was the heel CZW champion going into the match.  The title switch was played up like a major event with the locker room ending after Busick got the 3-count.  The finish didn’t seem to get a huge reaction from the live crowd, but it was a decent, somewhat shocked reaction.   I am not sure the title switch will have an impact one way or the other, however.  CZW the promotion is a lot like Biff Busick – there is nothing noticeable special about them, but they seem to just keep rolling along.   Gulak or Busick with the title – it doesn’t really matter.

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