(04/27/1993) Ultimo Dragon vs. Emilio Charles Jr. (CMLL)

ULTIMO DRAGON vs. Emilio Charles Jr.

Year: 1993
Type:  Title Match Style
Other: n/a


A month after defeating Negro Casas for the UWA Middleweight title, Ultimo Dragon defends against reliable rudo Emilio Charles. It is very much a watchable title defense and as always, Ultimo Dragon Mexico matches tend to hold a broader appeal. Dragon works his signature style – holds meant to be quickly countered rather than struggled through, big time agility, flashy kicks – as the champion. Charles was always a superb bumper and it is fascinating to watch him take all of Dragon’s offense (some of which was rather progressive for 1993 CMLL) like he had been taking it for years. On the whole, the match is an above average title defense but one that would probably be forgotten if not for the scarcity of full length CMLL singles match during this period.

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