(04/27) Suwama vs. Takao Omori

All Japan Pro Wrestling
Osaka Bodymaker Coliseum, Main Building (Osaka, Japan)
2014 Champion Carnival Block A Finals

In the A-block, Suwama and Omori also both ended with 8 points apiece necessitating another tiebreaker for the block championship. Again, All Japan appeared fortunate in how the booking worked out. Suwama’s third and latest Triple Crown reign immediately proceeded Akebono’s current reign. Omori has to be on the more enduring, well-regarded Japanese heavyweights of the past 20 year period to have never won a major singles championship or tournament in his home country. It is not a bad matchup for a semi-final considering the circumstances. All Japan was somewhat fortunate in this regard as had they booked the early matches of the tournament differently, the injuries suffered by Akebono and Shiozaki could have theoretically forced their hands into booking less-compelling semi-final and final matches involving wrestlers like Zeus, Yutaka Yoshie, and Kendo Kashin.

The Block A semi-final was a tick below the Akiyama/Doering semi but neither match was materially better or worse than the other. There are a few more strike exchanges and a little less selling here which is an issue if that stuff is not your particular cup of tea. They work hard but not dissimilar to the Block B final, this is just a brief bridge to get to the championship match. This match – like the one before it – clocks in at just around 10 minutes.

Suwama is window-dressing for this match. Akiyama has already advanced to the finals. An Akiyama and Suwama final match lacks any real importance. Omori’s quest to win the big one and a matchup between the two guys that were around during the All Japan 90’s golden era (even if Omori was a young, non-star wrestler during those years) are the true compelling stories left in the injury-ravaged tournament. Any final involving Suwama wouldn’t be nearly as compelling so it seemed only a matter of time before he fell. The match needed to be competitive, however. Omori could not run right through Suwama without giving away the tournament ending. Omori wins this one but the match does nothing to make anyone believe he is destined to win the finals and get the championship monkey off of his back.

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