(04/27) LA Park (c) vs. Dr. Wagner Jr.

Masked Mania
2300 Arena (Philadelphia, PA)
IWL World Heavyweight Championship 

There were apparently too few title matches for championships that mean [close to] nothing on this show in order to be a true Lucha event, so this match was contested for the previously unannounced IWL World Championship held by LA Park.

It might just be a case of video footage versus seeing him live but Parka looked so much bigger than he did last May in his Todo x El Todo match versus Wagner Jr. that we seriously questioned at times if it was the same guy.  The original Parka mannerisms are rather unmistakable, however.  Parka and Wagner Jr. took turns cutting promos before the match.  I’ll admit to not having high hopes for this match.  The presences of these two luchadores helped to sell me on attending the show, but more in a “I want to grab the chance to see them live” sort of way than a “this match is going to be worth it” way.  They are getting up there in age, seemingly only wrestle one another (certainly only lose to one another), and have been known to get-by with garbagy brawls which we had just seen in the preceding trios match.  The mic work did nothing to alter that fear.  We started to get the feeling that they figured 5+ minutes of promos would excuse them from working a quick, nothing 8-minute bout.

I was pleasantly surprised therefore by the actual match.  Rather than immediately go to the brawling, Parka and Wanger delivered a match that was largely contested in the ring with solid, traditional lucha singles action.  Parka’s back breakers looked brutal in person.  Wanger’s cannonball dive off the apron was great both for its execution and unexpectedness.  Parka’s added weight made his tope look even better than usual since it is standard knowledge that fat guy topes always trump skinny guy dives.  Both guys worked really, really hard and had a very good main event as a result.

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