(04/18) Dragon Lee vs. Guerrero Negro

Arena Mexico (Mexico City, Mexico)
Judges:  Mr. Niebla, Volador Jr., Tirantes & Dragon Rojo 

Volador is your guess judge while Dragon Rojo subs for the once again for the absent Shocker.  Volador is rocking a funky looking hat and jacket combination.  I feel like he is getting more comfortable being without the mask and I would be sort of surprised if he doesn’t regain some of the steam he lost after his mask-loss and technico turn sometime in the near future.

Dragon Lee (1-1) continues his somewhat surprising tournament (in terms of quality matches) with another fine performance.  He pulls off nice arm drags early on, hits a bullet of a tope, and bumps hard off of the apron for his opponent.  Guerrero Negro (1-1) is less impressive here (and in general).  His double stomp outside of the ring does not look good.  He moves very tentatively in the ring.  Deliberate movement in wrestling is perfectly fine (usually even a positive attribute) but his movements come off more unintentionally slow than deliberate.

Negro kicks out of a spider suplex but a pair of German suplexes are enough to keep him down for good and give Dragon Lee his second win of the tournament.  I was not too high on either coming into the tournament.  Thus far, Guerrero Negro has justified my prior opinion of him while Dragon Lee is changing my mind.

Judges’ Scores:  Guerrero Negro Jr. – 26; Dragon Lee – 31

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