(04/18) Cavernario vs. Cachorro

Arena Mexico (Mexico City, Mexico)
Judges:  Mr. Niebla, Volador Jr., Tirantes & Dragon Rojo 

Cavernario bounced back after his disappointing match with Guerrero Negro Jr. and bounced back in a big way.

The young caveman was given most of the match to impress on offense and he made the most of the opportunity.  The match began with some back-and-forth which basically amounted to each guy being unable to even string two moves in a row together.  It registered with me in the sense that it felt like a stalemate and not just back-and-forth time killing.  That went on for a minute and a half or thereabout.  I liked the opening a lot.

From there, Canvenario controls most of the match on offense.  When he is not on offense, he is bumping big.  The Peste Negra junior associate pulls out a running on the apron, dive between the ropes tope as his first big move.  He takes a big flat back bump off the apron later in the match which is sort of an insane bump to take in a lightning match.  He eats a Cachorro tope nicely and later counters a second tope by side stepping and pushing Cachorro past him into the barricade.  He also added his top rope splash to the floor, which – as insane as it sounds – appears as if it is becoming a regular part of his arsenal.  It looks great but diving on his knees at that distance can’t be good for his long-term well-being.

Cachorro was very smooth here and kept with Caveranrio well.  I thought this was his best showing of the tournament thus far.

The match ends rather abruptly passed the nine-minute mark.  Cachorro catches Cavernario sleeping and applies an arm bar for the quick tap.  Presumably, the idea was to get Cachorro (1-1) a win to set up future tournament booking while making sure that Cavernario would receive plenty of judge and fan voting points.

This was a very good match and maybe my favorite of the tournament to this point.  Cachorro scored well with Tirantes (of course) being the only judge was less than impressed.  Canvernario manages to win over the entire panel – Tirantes included – and receives a perfect score.  According to thecubsfan, it was the third perfect score in tournament history joining Euforia (2012 runner up) and Vangelis (2013 winner).

Judges’ Scores:  Cachorro– 31; Cavernario – 40

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