(04/15) Dragon Lee vs. Star Jr.

Arena Mexico (Mexico City, Mexico)
Judges:  Mr. Niebla, Felino, Tirantes & Dragon Rojo 

With both wrestlers wearing long red boots, red trunks, and red masks, it takes a second to orient who is who (the masks and Star Jr.’s curly ponytail help).  Speaking of appearances, Virus has shown up in the corner of his team san-face paint prior to this match.  Since he wrestled on this show, he has the face paint, tucked-in polo shirt look going and it doesn’t work.  He made the right decision leaving the face paint off (when he can) while coaching.

This was a very good match and up there with Canvernario vs. Hechicero as the best 2014 En Busca de un Idolo has had to offer thus far.

These two worked really snug and smoothly together.  Dragon Lee pulled out some stiff drop kicks akin to his older brother and Star Jr. returned the favor on occasion.  Star took a huge tumbling bump to the outside in the early going which Lee capitalized on with a tope con hilo.  Lee shows further disregard for his body in landing right on his neck in falling off of the turnbuckle and bumping to the outside on a drop kick some time after that.

The match was quick and even throughout.  Dragon Lee gets to the top rope late in the match but Star Jr.  cuts him off with a top rope arm drag.  He quickly applies a submission and Dragon Lee gives it up almost immediately.

Dragon Lee has received some flak diehard lucha-watchers early on his career but he has been more than competent in his first two tournament matches.  He is not in the same tier as the upper guys in this tournament but he shows more promise than his one brother (Mistico II) and has flashed some signs of resemblance to his other brother (Rush), both of which are good signs.

I’d put this just a smidge behind Hechicero/Cavernario in terms of quality.  The judges reward both technicos for their effort with fine scores.

Judges’ Scores:  Star Jr. – 35; Dragon Lee – 30

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