(04/15) Cachorro vs. Soberano Jr.

Arena Mexico (Mexico City, Mexico)
Judges:  Mr. Niebla, Felino, Tirantes & Dragon Rojo 

Dave Meltzer has taken a liking to Cachorro based on what he has seen from him during this tournament.  He has gone as far as to label him a young Negro Casas which – it goes without mentioning – is very high praise.  Cachorro does off like a natural in the ring.  His movements and timing are spot on and more akin to that of a veteran luchadore than the youngster that he is.

Case in point, during the opening mat work Cachorro scrambles back to his feet with after breaking contact with Soberano.  He is not just going through the motions.  He doesn’t want to be caught off guard standing up and conveys as such with just the right blend of drama and subtlety.  A few seconds later, he pulls of a basic but slick reversal out of a head scissors arm bar.  It was a minor move but it wa so well executed and presented that it stuck out.  Wrestling fans and other wrestlers are fond of talking about the “little things” that separates the greats from the also-rans.  Cachorro would seem to have a strong grasp of the little things at an early stage of his career.

This is a shot match – less than six minutes in total – which Soberano wins with a submission.  The victory evens both luchadores’ records at 1-1.  The judges also find the wrestlers to be relatively equal, awarding Soberano 30 points to Cachorro’s 29.

Judges’ Scores:  Soberano Jr. – 30; Cachorro – 29

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